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Which of the statements below...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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The angle of bank for a road is obtained from a consideration of the centripetal force required There is no tendency for the vehicle to skid if a road is banked for the speed at which the vehicle is moving The resultant force action on a vehicle will be that which maintains it in a circular pathAll of the above statements are correct.

Answer : D
Solution : All of the above are true statements regarding the banking of a roadbed

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hello Zubaan with of the statement below is correct the first statement is that the angle of Bank Of The Road is obtained from a consideration of centripetal force required to hear that there is no tendency for the vehicle to skid every road is Bank for the speed at which the vehicle is going the third statement is your the resultant force action on the vehicle will be that which maintain it in a circular path with the first statement angle of bank angle of Bank Of A road is obtained from the consideration of centripetal force required to its latest draw a incline plane less a this is inclined plane and it is said here this angle of inclination

Chandra streeter it is decided with consideration centripetal Central Hospital Force requirement please see how it decides the centripetal force requirements of vehicle on it it and I want this vehicle to move with certain velocity V not and the radius in which the IT vehicle this vehicle will perform the circular motion for which the road is Bande let's say it is are so if you see this this is the velocity of IT in circular motion what are the forces that is acting on it rate so if I draw the forces I write the velocity V not here so the forces that is acting here the normal reaction perpendicular to the road mg is downward direction

now I will ask you that which force will act as a centripetal force a circular motion is in horizontal directions which one is having no 55 take the two component of the normal reaction you can see the normal reaction is having a horizontal component as well if you see this angle theta then the angle is also teeth then this angle is also theta then this will be 91st and this again can also check it from here if I draw a perpendicular from him and I want to get this angle angle B if I draw line hair like this and you can see the normal to the plane will be having an angle theta with the vertical now we were talking about the

this is and sin theta this is and Cos theta so basically the there is no motion in vertical direction this and it will balance the energy and find it will act as the centripetal force know if you divide the to you will get this and you can see very clearly what did I done here I divided equation 1 by 2 and I got a relation between litre and we rate to Independence with what velocity you want the way you want the vehicle to move on this road depending on that you will make the treat are the make the inclination of the road that it will be simply equals to the tan inverse tan inverse square by ji

V square by RG the velocity required for the moon on the road that you have to give because the component will increase this finder increases with increasing theta if you increase the if you increase the inclination the normal reaction will more be able to give the centripetal force this statement is completely true moving toward the second statement there is no tendency for dependency aware that when the tendency come what does it mean the tendency tendency meaning that the block is the vehicle is is try to have a relative motion between the surface and the way

we see this term frequently in the friction what we see the static friction force act when there is a tendency of relative motion you can imagine the same thing here the vehicle is simply moving and the teacher is sufficient for to provide this velocity late to there is no tendency to scared if if there if this condition will not be satisfied let's say that heater is less than what will happen if that it will be less than the it will not get enough normal reaction component that will balance this centripetal force that could able that will be able to give this centripetal force if you see this statement equation be required this much normal reaction to give the centripetal force if if you don't give this then they will arise

condition of kidding else no condition for this is true and the resultant force acting on a vehicle will be that that maintained in a circular path does just to see if I say this as the weight this is the normal reaction is this with these are the only two force which acting on it so I will lie down weight vector + the normal reaction vector is equals to mass times of acceleration acceleration is acting on it only the centripetal one right to the magnitude of even as we not squire that had to be just need to combine me give the body of centripetal acceleration statement third is also true So all of these are truce Odisa thank you

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