Which of the following phenomenon is not explanined by Huygen's construction of wavefront ?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

origin of spectra
The correct Answer is D
The Huygen's construction of wavefront does not explain the phenomena of origin fo spectra.


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hello my dear friend which of the following phenomena as is not explain by the highest and construction of a wavefront so there are four options given first on reflection refraction and reflection origin of spectra ok student to what happening in a reflection whenever that is a plan waveguide front of a plane wavefront are strike on that surface so what happened let's see that is strike on that part ok that is a plan view thereof it will be reflected back in a frame medium it will be reflected back send medium so that is a reflection guide and it is approved by the Heisenberg principle so fast option is a not correct reflection to bhaiya Kaizen principle and you can the head and construction of a wavefront ok and the second one who stays at a fraction of what happening in a reflection Park when
wavefront is coming in that way Gai what happening after is writing on a wavefront guys on the plans are thing so it will be bad back to a moving to a next medium it will be banned that it will be mended white willow Bend It guys because it moving in a less time in a different different medium so we are mention here that is a wavefront in a moving in a fast medium that is a b are considered a year that is a glass Pro what happening in that case at that point at that point we are drawing reference so 8 point this point point 12.12.12 it moving in a moving up fast but in the case of a third and that is a four-point that is the distance between the same time period so what happened that it is Bande
Aveda normal normal normal we will discuss in reflection ok and refraction so option number third is also great and depression is also true by a principal only origin of Spectre that is up not a part of a light atomic physics that is a atomic physics so it is not a part of a optical physics it is a Cocktail party it is not a part of optic ok so which option is a correct option number 4 is a correct answer for that particular question thank you so much

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