Which of the following may be representing graph between number of scattered particles detected (N) and scattering angle(θ) in Rutherford's experiment?


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the question is which may be representing graph between number of scattered particle detected and scattered angle theta in Rutherford experiment to fall in Rutherford gold foil experiment the result was why is number of particle why is directly proportional to the upon sin power 4 theta by 44 equal to pi by 2 write theta equal to 2.8 sunao 22
find the power 4 theta will always increase write the value if sin theta value from theatre to buy will increase that in some value increase the value of Y will decrease we can say that from theta equal to zero that is equal to zero if sin theta will be equal to zero then 1 upon 2 power 4 theta by 4 will be equal to infinite flight make this equation in path in graph where is from 0 to pi vary from 0 to 5 and theta is here and why is the y axis then the
go like this graph represent the number of scattered particle detected and scattering angle in Rutherford experiment

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