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Class 10






Sample Paper 2011


Which lens can produce a real ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Convex lens.

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the question is which landform producer inverted image of an object the answer to this question is conductor lunch convert plants diagram if this is our clients and this XXX from the middle this is a principal axis and this is the centre of a convex lens and convex lenses ticket from from middle and dinner from the edges so now this is a point This is a point to this is a point

this is the point sunao somewhere at this point they want to us in this position image is going to be something and focus event was made real and inverted inverted images smaller than the object from this position will go from the convex lens image at this point but real and inverted

open the connections can produce real and inverted image of an object is placed beyond 2f and this is the principal Axis principal Axis that we can share conversion as a lens which can produce real inverted images and S2 are images placed onto the real inverted and images which are smaller than the outside thank you

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