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When radiation of wavelength l...

When radiation of wavelength `lambda` is used to illuminate a metallic surface , the stopping potential is V. When the same suface is illuminated with radiation of wavelength `3 lambda` the stopping is `V/4` . If the therehold wavelength for the metallic


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when radiation of wavelength Lambda is used to illuminate a metallic surface the stopping potential is be in the same surface is illuminated with a wavelength than the stopping potential is dy4 if the threshold wavelength for the metallic to be calculated here if it's shopping potential with the threshold wavelength and normal wavelength of light so the stopping potential into it is equals to minus date if you put to the stopping potential for the first case so I will write - hold for the second case when the wavelength is read and then the stopping potential is if you see here every bite force so I will put your

km equation equation to find divide the two equation equation 1 by equation 2 then I will get 4 is equals to minus 3 by threshold in three years old now we can solve it is so if you see that this will get cancelled about it and if i x is 4 with this then I will get 4 by 3 Lambda minus 4 by threshold wavelength is equals to 1 upon Lambda minus one upon

so from here will get 4 by 3 minus 11 by Lambda is equals to 4 by threshold one above threshold wavelength this will be equals to 3 upon 4 by 3 minus 1 it will be 1 by 3 to 1 by Lambda theta is equals to from here if you cross multiply then you will get the threshold wavelength is equals to 900000 and this will be a simple thank you

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