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When proton of KE = 1.0 MeV mo...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone when of proton of kinetic energy 1 Mega electron volt moving in South to north direction in terms a magnetic field which is from west to east direction it accelerate by an acceleration of 10 to the power 10 12 metre per second square then used to find out the magnitude of the magnetic field B if the opposite direction we take not and this direction will take East to rate it is given that the proton having kinetic energy is moving in sought to not serve to North so it will be moving in this it to the velocity of the particle is we rate Proton particle is having a

velocity V in upward direction now the magnetic field direction as west to east restore the magnetic field is this director sirf UC Ho the magnetic field will be Kyon vcross beside so that will be in perpendicular direction of the that day night so we won the magnetic field magnitude if the acceleration given here is this and the kinetic energy of the proton is also given here is this much please calculate the velocity first half mass of proton into the velocity of proton that is this is equals to 1 Mega electron that that is equals to 1.6 into 10 power minus 13 rate this is the kinetic energy in joules just put the mass of a Proton and you get the velocity of the

proton as two times of this and divided by mass of proton is 1.67 into 10 to the power minus 27 this is -13 so this is -13 so this will approximately we can cancel here and we will get to into if you see 10 to the power 27 - 13 will be left so 27 - 13 it will be 10 to the power 1 very simple to this is the value of V square velocity of protons square so if you will under root if we will take an would both side then you will get the velocity of proton as root 2 into 10 to the power 7 rate now we got the velocity of proton and we want the magnetic field and if you see the magnetic

force will actor on the particle perpendicular to the velocity direction trade so if you see the force will be equals to 2 into V cross B and the velocity and the magnetic field already perpendicular so if I'd only talk about the magnetic field mega force magnitude so that will be que BP and we want we are giving her the acceleration to acceleration will be mass of proton rate and the acceleration if you see here is 10 to the power x is equals to 10 to the power to so we want this magnetic fields of the magnetic field will utensil power 12 into mass of the proton in division I will write charge on the proton we just put the values here so 10 to the power to well into mass of proton we know that 1.67 into 10 to the power minus 27

division in one Proton is 1.6 into 10 to the power minus 19 velocity already be calculated is this so if you solve this will get to the magnetic field at one by root 2 into 10 to the power minus 3 and 1 by root 2 is point 707 into 10 to the power minus 3 so if you dresses point 71 mini tesla is a answer simple so now you can see the question again this was our question and we got point 17 as the answer

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