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When m gram of steam at 100^(@...

When m gram of steam at `100^(@) C` is mixed with 200 gm of ice at `0^(@)C`. it results in water at `40^(@) C`. Find the value of m in gram . (given : Latent heat of fusion (`L_f`) = 80 cal/gm, Latent heat of vaporisation (`L_v`) = 540 cal/gm., specific heat of water (`C_w`)= 1 cal/gm/C)


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : 40
Solution : NA


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hello when m g of steam at hundred degree celsius is mixed with two hundred gram of ice at zero degree celsius results at water at 40 degree find the value of M find the latent heat M G of steam at hundred degree Celsius and another one there is a two hundred gram of eyes of 200 gram 80 degree Celsius resulting into 40 degree Celsius of water find the value of how to define when we will make them we are getting water at 25 degree now what will happen this team is going to convert

into what water at hundred degree celsius now this water at hundred degree Celsius will go water at 40 degree result now look at the other side what will happen this 200 to become water at 0 degree Celsius at zero degree celsius convert into these are the total pro now how can you find the more you know the total heat gain is equal to heat loss by the steam at hundred degree Celsius will be equal to the ice at 0 degree will be getting the know how can we find let's look about this for steam is converting into Trichy

change it is going from steam to water I'm taking mass latitude of vaporization here it is going from water at hundred 240 optimum pH of water into Delta T this is heat loss and entity is what 100 - 40 years and now on the other side it is equal to 200 gram of getting converted latent heat that is latent heat of fusion mass that is 200

latent specific heat of water Delta it is what it is from 20 to 40 days this is now we have to solve that I can take a common you this is latent heat of vaporization vaporization of rivinus 540 plus this is what did ww1 cal paragraph so this is MI taken common this is that is equal to 202 latent heat of 200 can also take care of latent heat of fusion is given as it and again 205 Tekken common cw11 into a w m in 2540 into 60 is going to

100 is equal to 200 into 40 + this 125 now you have to find just MS Word 202 126 233 time entry goes to 40 grams this is our answer

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