When light of sufficiently high frequency is incident on a metallic surface, electrons are emitted from the metallic surface. This phenomenon is called photoelectric emission. Kinetic energy of the emitted photoelectrons depends on the wavelength of incident light and is independent of the intensity of light. Number of emitted photoelectrons depends on intensity. `(hv-phi)` is the maximum kinetic energy of emitted photoelectron (where `phi` is the work function of metallic surface). Reverse effect of photo emission produces X-ray. X-ray is not deflected by electric and magnetic fields. Wavelength of a continuous X-ray depends on potential difference across the tuve. Wavelength of charasteristic X-ray depends on the atomic number. <br> Q. If frequency `(upsilongtupsilon_0)` of incident light becomes n times the initial frequency (v), then KE of the emitted photoelectrons becomes (`v_0` threshold frequency).

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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n times of the initial kinetic energymore than n times of the intial kinetic energyless than n times of the initial kinetic energykinetic energy of the emitted photoelectrons remains unchanged

Answer :
Solution :
`KW_1=hv-phi` <br> `KE_2=nhv-phi` <br> `=n(hv-phi)+(n-1)phi` <br> `KE_2=nKE_1+(n-1)phi` <br> `KE_2ltnKE_1`


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hello everyone that question for today latest OS to edit hair we have been given a passage on the photoelectric effect how does it take place what is the work function and what are the number of photoelectrons emitted we can't read and Hindi question we have been given if the frequency that is new greater than the threshold frequency that a new note of incident light becomes and time the initial frequently than the care of the electron becomes what to solve this we must know the prior knowledge of the photoelectric effect which has been given Air India message but we can write the photoelectric effect equation first will have h new will be equal to work function of the metal + the ke of the fastest electron it if the new becomes and time then we'll have a Chintu and times you will be equal to 5-5-5 Vikram

same Plus ke that therefore Now since we have to compared with the end times of kinetic energy we shall find the and times of initial kinetic energy we write n k initial reequil to H new into n minus and 5 and we have K dash equal to H new and minus 5 is subtracted latest this week version number 1 and Phase 2 Near HP subtract one and two wheel have and time k e - ke dash reequil to H new and minus 5 minus plus 5 can cancel this show will get and time k e - K dash is equal to

mines of N -1 in 25 edges and negative quantity and write negative so we can write that and K - k e dash is less than zero therefore will have NK is less than K dash from where we get that the kinetic energy in the second case is greater than and time free kinetic energy now let us take the options option number be says that it is more times the more than and time the initial kinetic energy which will be correct thank you

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