When key K is open in a circuit as shown in figure, an ideal voltmeter reads 1.53 V. If key is closed then ideal ammeter reads 1A and voltmeter reads 1.03 V. Then EMF of cell and external resistance R are respectively


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Sagai Saheli nurse question it is given that when the ki ke is a open in a circuit as shown in the figure ideal voltmeter rates 1.53 olds so if key is closed then the ideal ammeter reads r1m and the voltmeter reads are 1.03 then EMF of cell and external resistance capital are respectively ok so here we need to find out the value of EMF and the value of the resistor capital are in this particular circuit so he said that when the keys open the voltmeter has read the oldest the voltage of Y is equals to 1.53 V ok Govinda ki is closest in that case I M has read 1 amp of the current and voltmeter value
altimeter value as 1.03 V ok sokar into this particular statement ok we can say that are are careful analysis would show that the voltage along the resistor capital R is is 1.03 ok so this voltage is actually across a resistor capital are so according to that we will say 1.03 will be equal to 1 into capital H or capital value can be written as 1.03 Omega ok so this is a correct value so we can also add this summer as homes ok because this is the value of the resistance of we can either write like this so 1.03 homes is our correct answer out of this four options if you see we have 1.03 Omega
to both the sea and the options but the value of the voltage that we have read across this voltage as 1.03 only socket into that option d is all the correct answer for this question thank you

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