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Current Electricity


When connected across the term...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `Deltax_(cm) = ((MDeltax_(1) + m Deltax_(2) + m Delta x_(2))/(M + m)) rArr 0 = (Mx + m(x + R - r)/(M + m))` <br> Distance moved by the cylinder `x = -(m(R - r))/(M + m)` <br> For motion along x-axis `0 = m(v_(1) + v_(2)) + mv_(2)` …..(i) <br> `mg (R -r) = (1)/(2) m (v_(1) + v_(2))^(2) + (1)/(2) Mv_(2)^(2)` ......(ii) <br> `:. v_(2) = msqrt((2g(R - r))/(M(M + m)))`


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so gaye Sahi Rangers question it is given that when connected across the terminals of a cell old metre measures of firewalls and are connected ammeter measures a 10 names of the current and resistance of 2 ohm S2 homes is connected across the terminals of the cell to the current flowing through the truth is Resistance will be so here we need to find out the current flowing amount of current flowing through this resistance so according to that the resistance across the cell terminals is a capital R will be = 25 / 10 will get the resistance values as a 0.5 ohms ok as we have the value of voltage and also we have the value of currency according to the Ohm's law I have solve this ok and the resistance 2 ohm is connected across the terminals of the seller assumes all the rest

capital r and the two arms are in parallel so in that case 10 MC is a current that divides into our and 2 ohm show using the current division rule the current through auto current to current through 2 ohm resistance by using current division rule current division rule will write the formula for the current division 2 will be their assistance capital are divided by the value of the resistance that means are 2 homes + the value of the capital are again so far that will write 0.5 + 0.5 x 10 so that will be = 22 AMS so this is the amount of current flowing through this

assistance so this is a correct answer for this question thank you

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