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Class 11






Ktg & Thermodynamics


When an ideal diatomic gas is ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution


Answer : D
Solution : `dQ = dW +dU , dQ = PdV +dU` <br> `dQ = nRdT +dU , dQ = (2dU)/(f) +dU` <br> `[dU = (nfRdT)/(2)]` <br> `(dU)/(dQ) = (1)/(((2)/(f)+1)), (dU)/(dQ) = (5)/(7)`


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Hello every question is when idea that is heated at constant pressure turn off the heat is supplied which increases the internal and gas in gas is in the courier asking the fraction of heat energy which converted into the internal energy we know that the heat is given by Delta T as the number of moles of whole specific heat until it is pressure difference now in the question they are saying that ideal gas is heated at constant pressure this is given that pressure is constant that means we can write two equal to the

because pressure is one constant in the in the question now the internal energy is given by the formula and C be the value of CP and CV for a diet of you must know the value of CP is 72 a for you must know the value of CP and CV for all the gas that is monatomic diatomic gases cause these values are useful in the problems and the value of by two are now from equation support this is a equation one in this is our Quest to now dividing these equations

divide equation 2.2 we will get you up on Delta Q is equals to this is entity upon and now putting the value of CP and CV equation we will get = 2.2 data to Delta to protect the values the values are the value of the value of CP 712222 what is coming out to be 57 days as equal to 7

that means a point 7.7 part of heat of sheet used to increase the internal energy is used to increase the internal energy that is able to check the first option is to Wi-Fi option is 315 not class 7 no 57 this is our answer that is option


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