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Class 12






Alternating Current


When an ac source of emfe=E_(0...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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`R= 1kOmega`, C=`10 muF`R=`1kOmega`, `C=1muF``R=1kOmega`, L=10H`R=1Omega` L=1H

Answer : C
Solution : c) EmF and AC source `E=E_(0)sin(100t)` <br> We have, `omega=100` and `phi =pi/4=45^(@)` <br> `tanphi = (omegaL)/R` <br> `rArr I=(100 xx L)/(R)` <br> If L=10H, then R=`kOmega`

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hello everyone when any source of EMF this is connected across a circuit the phase difference between the EMF and the current is observed pi by 4 as shown in the figure the circuit consisting of possibility of CR or RC or series find the relationship between the two element so if you see here the current is lagging voltage is leading so we lead the current voltage lead it means that this is a inductive circuit you can select from the option which one is the inductor which one is the capacitor in case of capacitive current lead here the voltage is dating so c&d can be the option the phase difference is given it it is pi by 4

phase difference tan of phase difference is equals to in case of inductive circuit it will be held is said that the tan theta is 45 degree so I will let tan of 45 degree is equals to omega l bi a physical is omega now if you did it is given in the question so I will write this is equals to omega that is haunted by our is equals to 1 so basically the ratio should be equals to 1 by 100 or you can also see our buyers should be = 210 check from the option so here if you see our is this and unless these in the ratio is 102 this can be option in the ratio is once this can't be select correct option where the RBL ratio is what

what is hundred is present is the option to see will be the correct option

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