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Class 11






Kinetic Theory Of Gases And First Law Of Thermodynamics


When a gas is compressed adiab...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Yes, since the bulk modules is `gamma P`, an increase of `P` makes the medium more elastic.

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when a gas is compressed adiabatically it becomes more elastic is this true So we know hear that for adiabatic conditions we have is equal to constant so we can see here that is given that sell our finest of delta p35pro this can be written as minus 3 into 10 power pivot data can be required to have TV TV power as equal to zero on the right hand side it into 10 to the power 4 into TV is equal to zero

ETV ETV comes out at minus into minus b into we can see your Kama into and simple modulus here comes out at the mark in topi as we cancel out how we can see your voice is a gas is compressed on compressing the gas at a pressure of the gas increases pressure increases which year was also increases so we can see it increases 20 is just because you can see here it is compressed folder modulus of elasticity increases and modulus of elasticity

small last it was a true

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