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Nuclear Physics


What is the wavelenth of the 0...

What is the wavelenth of the `0.186 MeV` gamma- ray photon emitted by radium `._(88)^(226) Ra`?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : The photon energy is the difference between two nuclear energy levels. Equation `E_(i )- E_(f) =hf` gives the relation between the energy level separation `Delta E` and the frequency f of the photon as `Delta E =hf` . Since `f lambda =c` , the wavelength of the photon is `lambda -hc//Delta E`. <br> First, we must convert the photon energy into joule: <br> `Delta E =(0.186 xx 10^(6) eV)((1.60 xx 10^(-19))/1 eV)` <br> ` = 2.98 xx 10^(-14) J` <br> The wavelength of the photon is <br> `lambda=(hc)/(Delta) E =((6.63 xx 10^(-34) J.s)(3.00 xx 10^(8) m s^(-1)))/(2.98 xx 10^(-14)J)` <br> `=6.67+10^(-12)m`.


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