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What is the ratio of nuclear densities of the two nuclei having mass numbers in the ratio 1:4 ?



question is what is the ratio of nuclear densities of the two nuclei having mass number in the ratio 1 is to 4 then we can see your support to extend Wi-Fi number of first nuclei is less than mass number of s nuclei will be 48 to find ratio of intensity as we can see your it is given out here for a neutral experience life having mass number as they can see if the radius of this mutable equal to are not into cube root of a number as we can see that the volume of this is equal to we have your oven to 325 are you which year is equal to our letssafe Ho why we have
do not put into this because I love your employees as mass by volume of circle is equal to let's say we have here causes nuclei we can say there are a call and we can say there are a minus b a new from so everyone can see corresponding to said Proton mass will be read into MP and corresponding to a minus neutrons we have your marks as a minus that ensures mass of proton in New York are approximately equal MP plus minus can see up the mass comes out here at 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. city of this nuclei and
so much is a MP want to tell if all three into we have your body into not cube into a castle South this implies 3 into MP3 have your 4582 are not you which implies that this density here on mass of proton which is a constant which value is 1.67 into 10 power minus 27 it and am not sure if not for me radius of hydrogen 10 -15 is a constant frequency density of nucleus is equal to 3 MP 45 let se Aam what is density of nucleus why can be written in a similar manner provided by 45 are
that is we can set a secure future life always remains constant in does not depend on legs in new condition so self-confident constant cancel sound intensity of X and Y comes out here at 1 ratio 1 which is equal ratio in the world


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