What is the lowest temperature produced?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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so gai Aisa hearing this question it is given that what is the lowest temperature produced ok so this is the question that he is asking so according to this question absolute zero we call it ok absolute zero technically known as zero kelvin ok absolute zero absolute zero so technically we call it as the known as known as zero K also ok this absolute zero can be called as the zero k ok so why it is called zero K means of which is equals to the zero K is equal to minus 270 3.1 degree 15 degree Celsius ok Ave can also say in the fahrenheit scale as a minus 450

9.67 Fahrenheit ok hits and marks the spot on the thermometer Where are system reaches the lowest possible energy or thermal motion so there's a catch the absolute zero is not possible to reach ok so aap Jal 80 is not it impossible to reach so we can say this amount of at least this amount of the temperature can be noted on the Kelvin scale Celsius scale ok so this is the lowest temperature that can be reduced so this is a correct answer this question thank you

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