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Mechanical Properties Of Fluids


What is Reynolds number ? What...

What is Reynolds number ? What is it's significance ?

Text Solution

Solution : Reynolds number : "Reynolds number is a pure number which determines the nature of flow of liquid through a pipe". <br> Reynolds number `(R_(e))=(rhovd)/(eta)` <br> Where `rho` is density of the fluid <br> v is speed of the fluid <br> d is diameter of the pipe <br> i) if the flow is stream line (or) laminor `R_(e)lt1000` <br> ii) If the flow is turbulent `R_(e)gt2000` <br> iii) If the flow becomes unsteady, `1000ltR_(e)lt2000` <br> Physical significance of Reynold.s number : Reynold.s number describes the ratio of the inertial force per unit area to the viscous force per unit area of a flowing fluid. <br> Inertial force per unit area `= ("Rate of change of momentum")/("Area")` <br> `=((Deltam)v)/(A)=((Avarthetarho)v)/(A)=v^(2)rho` <br> Viscous force per unit area `=(F)/(A)=(etav)/(r)` <br> `:.` Reynold.s number = `("Inertial force per unit area")/("Viscous force per unit area")` <br> `R=(v^(2))/(etav//r)=(vrhor)/(eta)` (r is radius of the tube)


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