What is Reynold's numbeer? What is its significance?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Reynold's number Re: Reynold's number is a pure number which determines the nature of flow of liquid a pipe.
η= coefficient of viscosity of the liquid .
ρ= density of liquid
v= critical velocity of the liquid flowing through the pipe .
d= diameter of the pipe
Significance: RE is dimensionless number and therefore, it remains same in any system of units .
the criitical Reynold's number for the onset of turbulence in the range 1000 to 10000,depending on the geometry of the flow. For most cases
Re<1000 signifies laminar flow.
1000<RE<2000 is unsteady flow.
Re<2000 implies turbulent flow.
Reynold's number describes the ratio of the inertial force per unit area to the viscous force per unit area for a flowing fluid.


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