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What is Reynold number ? ...

What is Reynold number ?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : It is a dimensionless quantity which determines the nature of flow of a liquid in a tube, it is given by, <br> `R_(e)=(v_(c)rhoD)/(eta)` <br> where `v_(c),rho` and `eta` are the critical velocity, density and coefficient of viscosity respectivelu. D is the diameter of the tube.


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hello everyone today beehive question that what is the number so number in less quantity and it determine a liquid in a tube a liquid at the disco city is important to control the velocity so I am writing this defect definition it is dimensionless quantity quantity which determines which determines their nature natural

flow of liquid in a tube it is given by Renault Renault number h BC road new Arya Renault number v c is velocity of liquid density of liquid density of liquid or also hear this is coefficient of ascent of viscosity top Disco city and this is the diameter of to diameter of this definition of the

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