Updated on:30/05/2023

What is reverberation ? How can it be reduced ?



hello everyone I am you teacher for this question let me explain the question to you and the question is what is reverberation how can it be reduced so where are that what is reverberation Sophie know that reverberation reverb bration is Ven sound aur vecancy 10 duration is sound when 10 sword of sound stop reducing sound and
reverb sound is left so when the source is stop the producing the sound there are some sound wave that we can still hear the due to the reflection of the sound is called reverberation how can it be reduced so it can be reduced we can reduce it by placing sound absorbing object per making
room occupied so when room is empty the walls of the sound produced the reverberation or verb of the sound so we can reduce it by placing some objects that are that absorb the sound so this is the answer I hope you understand that finishing thank you for watching the video


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