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What is lightning <br> (b) How...

What is lightning <br> (b) How do the clouds get electrically charged ? <br> (c) How does lightning strike a building ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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so close friends question that what is lightning S electric ok and third is does lightning strike let me tell you lightning lightning is a bright flash light which we see in the cloud OK it is an electric discharge in the atmosphere between oppositely will oppositely charged clouds ok let me right is definition for you that lightning is an lightning is an

electrical discharge between two oppositely charged clouds ok so we can say it is the bright flash which we see in the atmosphere or we can see Sky

ok so sweet dreams this our first question is answered a s question is that clouds get electrically charged for CA students we are mentioned and two oppositely charged answer this clouds get charged that this light blue colour but are black in colour their heavy because they contain serene and contain

rain ok so we can see that these have played this drops or we can say they have water drops inside them so that's why they are heavy ok so they have water drops they are in the atmosphere there should be Wind blowing ine D Sky Rab D drops ok show the wind which is flowing rubs the water drop this rubbing together of water drops

large electric charge in the cloud due to friction ok let me right for you this rubbing induced charge in drop due to friction ok so we can see that this the water droplets get the charge for students now you should have a question which charge is acquired by the weekend status small water drop Aqua a positive charge and being lighter their small they will be writer then moved to the upper part of the

with the wind on the other hand with negative and as they are heavier they come down in the ok bye have also answer that what will be the charge how the clouds acquire charge ok so now what does lightning strikes does lightning strike that lightning is the charge writing is the flow of charge so the building

our feelings are told the distance between the buildings and clouds are because they are ok lightning strikes the building ok that makes printers imagine this is a building and there are

and this is a person standing we can see that the distance of the distance from the ground is more than the distance from the building building for that's why lightning strikes the building lightning protections lightning rod are installed at top of building which attracts charge HD

sir conductor ok shouldn't we can say that this is the way this dad the building is not affected by The Lightning this is connected to the imagine that this is the road this is a building and this is the road as lightning strike this is connected to a wire with earth charge is then transferred to the earth making the building save students thank you

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