What is (i) the absorbing power and (ii) the reflecting power of a 'perfect black body' ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
(i) 1 (one) (ii) zero


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hi in this question what is the absorbing power and the reflecting power of a perfectly black body so let's suppose this is a perfectly black body this is perfectly black body perfectly black body is a type of body which absorbs all the energy radiation suppose Kyon energy is incident report this is incident radiation incident as this body is a black body all this energy get absorbed by the black body so let you a is the energy absorbed so this is a blackbody secure way that is absorbed whatever energies

Total energy get absorbed that is cube is equal to that means all the energy is absorbed the energy that reflected is equal to QR is equal to zero then find the energy that is transmitted 0q transmitted is also zero to observing power first course part of the question is observing power observing Power absorbing Power is equal to Q that is energy of the absorbed / energy incident to all the energy get absorbed therefore kyu / to this is equal to 1 observing power from black body is equal to 1 now for reflecting power now part of this question is reflecting power

reflecting power window that reflecting Power is equal to Q are that is energy that reflected divided by Total energy incident and since it is a perfectly black body for all the energy that absorb to none none of the energy get reflected that is QR is equal to zero divided by Q2 this becomes reflecting power will be zero so thank you

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