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Class 12






Mock Test 14


What is fluid? Show that fluid...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Volume of fluid displacedDensity of bodyDensity of fluidAcceleration due to gravity

Answer : B

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question is what is feud show that fluid expert pressure and prove that force acting on fluid in equilibrium at rest have have to be perpendicular to its surface sunao answer that what is fluid fluid is Satta which floor continuously it is

subjected to stress the simple definition of another question show that blood pressure and proof latest this month show that air exerts pressure latest a glass container right answer that there is a flood not flat fluid ok if make hole at this place definitely will come out right you will come out that mean the pressure of fluid due to which if we make a hole here the fluid will travel from 3 through this whole box at the container we can say

this is true that there is a pressure in Fluids so we can say that pressure atmospheric pressure of atmosphere is smaller than pressure of pure therefore you will flow out the container which show that there is blood exerts pressure now let's go to another part prove that the force acting on a field in equilibrium at rest have to be perpendicular to its surface Again Another glass container inside this now force acting on fluid Cuban as two perpendicular latest suppose there is there is a force acting

showing variation and acting like this direction we can see that it will make angle theta with the vertical component as well as they hit the horizontal component fluid is in equilibrium right or left we can say vertical component in the equal to cos theta cos theta right and horizontal component will be that is at

this direction it will be sin theta right we can say that sin theta upon a equal to talk that is stress right due to which it will flow right now we can say that sin theta sin theta is equal to zero point because we need to apply force which is given in the question sunao from this we can conclude that either force will be zero or sin theta will be zero

but in the question it is given force acting on a fluid in equilibrium is at rest have two perpendicular to the surface forces acting but not in perpendicular direction that means poses not because I will be zero zero degree at that has proved that force and act on the floor should be perpendicular direction perpendicular direction

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