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Geomatrical Optics


What is far-sightedness or hyp...

What is far-sightedness or hypermatropia? What cause hypermetropia How this defect is corrected ?

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : For-sightedness ro hypermetropia : Hypermetropia is the defect of the eye vision due to which a person can see tha distant object clearly, but cannot see near object clearly. <br> Causes of hypermetropia : Hypemetropia is caused due to <br> (i) the size of the eye-ball becoming too short. <br> (ii) increase in the focal length of the eye lens. The lens becoming too thin. <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> Correction of defect : This defect can be corrected by using a convex lens of suitable power. Which bring the image back on to the retina and thus the defect is corrected.


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bolo students now beginner series question the questions that what is par sightedness of hypermetropia ok so basically hypermetropia of idleness what is the cause of hypermetropia and how this defect can be corrected ok so basically what happens is that in hypermetropia and myopia ke these are the 2 base 2 basic eye defects ok so basically if this is an I ok ok and this is basically the islands ok so what happens is that farsightedness is that were basically busy hypermetropia ok is basically a thing in which a person can see far objects clearly ok far objects clearly ok clear so basically what does this mean basically you can see the father of this really but the objects within a year are not divisible clearly why because if this is object you need to see then what will happen this is let's suppose the

fighter that is coming from the object and this is what this is the islands ok so if it goes to the island then what will happen over here is that there is a thing that the image forming beyond the focus or beyond the retina Ok actually that's why the image of this object is basically forming over here that's why the object is not clear ok because the object is being focused due from a due to the silence over here which is after the UK so basically this is known as hypermetropia ke hypermetropia ok hypermetropia is an eye defect ok is an eye defect eye defect in which for objects are can be viewed

clearly ok can be seen clearly but near objects near objects are seen blur ok blogger means what blower is basically not clear ok that means below ok so basically how this can be clear means how is this created ok so basically when the islands ok this is the islands OK when the islands becomes incapable of resolving the light rays OK when the islands islands becomes incapable ok becomes incapable physically incapable to resolve nearby objects to all nearby objects

ok this is when this hypermetropia is caused ok and how can this be means proper Jod ke this can be cured by using a convex lens OK your ad by using a convex lens by basically what will happen if you use a convex lens ok I'll show you so image was initially forming over here so when you use a convex lens over here ok this is the convex lens what will happen convex lens is converging lens in case of air ok so basically what will happen is the lightest goes from here it will be converge already a little ok enhance your islands have will not have to do much work in converging ke sunao it what will happen the image will form absolutely on the retina got it so basically this image to formed on the retina this helps basically this is done

by the convex lens ok so basically this defect can be cured by the help of convex lens ok thank u


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