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What is doping ? Write three c...

What is doping ? Write three conditions for it and two methods of doping ?

Text Solution

Solution : Doping : Doping is the process of adding suitable impurity atoms, to a pure semiconductor to modify its properties in a controlled manner. The impurity atoms so, added are called dopants. Conditions : <br> (i) The dopant atom should take the position of semiconductor atom in the lattice. <br> (ii) The presence of dopant atom should not distort the crystal lattice. <br> (iii) The size of dopant atom should be almost the same as that of the crystal atom. <br> Methods : <br> (i) Add the impurity atoms in the melt of semi conductor. <br> (ii) Impurity atoms can also be added into the intrinsic semiconductor by bombarding it with the impurity atom.


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