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What do you mean by regular an...

What do you mean by regular and diffused reflection ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Mukesh inheritance what do you mean by the regular and diffuse reflection for first letters come on to the regular decision what is regular reflection incident ray of light it will get reflected at the same angle and the angles are defined by the normal which is perpendicular to the surface of the reflecting surface and these are the angle of incidence and angle of regular reflection and in case of a regular reflection of incident light parallel to the site then it will also get reflected at the same angle between X and get admitted of course Kiya so anyways I am saying my point is that if we incident light in parallel to

the surface they will all get reflected at the same angle with the Keshav regular reflection this is it name in layman terms this is a reflection which is understood by everybody know what is diffuse reflection diffuse reflection is something different it is not the common regular reflection what is that discuss it let me draw rough surface of surface will take place from the top surface of reflection takes place at me draught to light rays incident on it on these two light rays are parallel to each other with the reflected light we also know why Vikas in this case a normal M always perpendicular to the surface

will be light office so what will be the reflected light will be it will like go this way you will forget detected and this would put a selected light will be go for this light for light a this is me electrolyte a dash now let me draw for light weight did what will happen here in this case the normal like this status for 2020 desi electrolyte so a direction B dash palette with the no so this is called the case of diffuse reflection and generally takes place of the Rough surfaces diffuse reflection is when the parallel light rays

do not give parallel reflected rays And this happens in case of Raftar faces generally and generally in case of more so so

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