Updated on:30/05/2023

What are the main features of gravitational force?


Text Solution

Following are the main features of gravitational force :
(1) It is always an attractive force.
(2) It is independer of the medium between the particles.
(3) It holes good over a wide range of distances (i.e., from interplanetary distance to interatomic distances)
(4)The gravitational force between two particles is independent of presence or absence of other particles.
(6) The total gravitational force on an particle due to number of particles is the resultant of forces of attraction exerted on the given particle due to individual particles, i.e.,
it means the principle of superposition is valid.
(7) It expresses the force between point masses.
(8) It is a conservative force, i.e., the work done in moving a particle once around a closed path under the action of gravational force is zero.


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