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Wavelength of the first line o...

Wavelength of the first line of balmer seris is 600 nm. The wavelength of second line of the balmer series will be

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

444 nm800 nm388 nm632 nm

Answer : A


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hello the problem states that wavelength of the first line of the power series is 600 NM so we have to find the wavelength of the second line of the power series keyboard so that first understand what do you mean by the power series about the sea lineman the power series refer the transition of electron in first line of the poverty but the electron is transferred from state three at the last line of the barber series refers to infinity 22

so that with the second line of the power series will correspond to transition of electron from n = 22 even with the first line of the bombers is a 600 NM and we do the wavelength transition of the electron from one excited level to the other is given by the relation one bed lamp is R Z Square One by x minus 1 into the first line of the Barmer series the value of and one that is transition is happening from three to one freak suited and values to an end to very 3 so that would become one buy laptop

Kuchh To Z Square 1 by 4 minus 1 by 9 so that is also close to our z square into we can take as much 36 and the second line of Balmer series in which transition is happening to go to an equal to to determine and one is 21 and 24 so in this case the wavelength for double a dash is equal to R is that a square B square + 1 by 4 minus 1964 - 13 this is a question and equation

so we can provide these two equations equation given by equation to see that is what one by laptop on bail after dash will get Lamba display laptop is equal to r z square and Square will get cancel of 5.36 into the value of 2027 into laptop and the length of values given to a 600 NM this will give US Polo 44.44 NM this is what the value plan dash which which represents the second line of the power series and this is given to us in the option to search

with answer thank you


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