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Velocity of a wave in a wire i...

Velocity of a wave in a wire is v when tension in it is `2.06 × 10^4 N`. Find value of tension in wire when velocity of wave become `v/2`.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`5.15 xx 10^3 N``8.24 xx 10^4 N``6 xx 10^4``5.15 xx 10^4 N`

Answer : A
Solution : NA


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hello everyone velocity of a wave in a wire is V when the tension in it is this much find the value of the tension when the velocity of the wave becomes we buy to talk about the velocity of the string wave so it is equals to under root of tea and you can see here the V is directly proportional to under root of tension rate so if I say the Vedas bi vi ratio it will be equal to under root of t dash by and in the question we have to calculate this thread so just put the value of Vedas that is we by 2 and 3 dash we need to calculate and it is already given in the question is 2.06 into 10 to the power 4

so this we will get cancelled out so if you will square both side will get 10 is equals to 1 by 4 and the this will get cross X 1 by 4 sale at this enough you will Solace will get the answer as 5.15 into 10 to the power 4 newton as the answer na you could see the is the correct answer the change tension will be 1 by 4 times of the original tensions is the velocity became half and we know that the velocity is proportional to under root tea in the thank you