Two wires carrying

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Parallel current repel each other.Antiparallel current attract each other.Antiparallel current repel each other.Equal magnitudes of antiparallel current attract each other.

Answer :


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Hello Point two wires carrying if you see the options parlour current in the parlor current literacy one by one if I make a wire and there is another via the current in parallel hint in direction what will be the force on each other they will apply current is i1 and I2 are in the magnetic field because of both of them for that you have to keep your thumb in the direction of current in Kalyug finger to call you think they're here you will get the magnetic field direction as in water in word will be the magnetic field if I write down the magnetic force on a current carrying wire we know that it is I cross be well

after is taken in the direction of current do the electricity if you call your finger from this after that is in this direction that is in this direction to be water that is involved you will get a force direction that is directed in this Direction This is a small length I will write down the small force will be I miss you see here the current in this wire is it to you I will write down two DL into magnetic field because of the wire one night latest take the small DL and magnet the magnitude of the magnetic field at a distance of all it's a distance between them is are so at a distance of it will be

it is you're not even by to put it here and I will write down the course for unit length if you divide both side but it is not i1 I2 into individual that you put the value of even and you got the separation and the force direction it is attacked if you take the Future the force on this site you will get this direction in the same way action reaction pairs are there right they will apply equal and opposite forces lete mb&f they will apply on each other in opposite direction now will take the beauty parlour current current is direction let me change when is again this item

the magnitude same bus the direction is a force that are again the magnetic field will be in in what direction it but if you do the deer cross be selected this is a small distance Deere Tractor rate if you write down a vector cross b vector is a small force fact it's dear crosby this time if you do the cross product you will get it will be directed away from the it will be like that dear magnitude will be the same as will be seen but this time if you do the cross product deal cross B you will get direction to increase of parallel current

the most attractive we already have seen this an increase of Entropy repulsive it is the parlor current repairing 14 and current attract each other two parallel current attractive you already have seen this entry pahle current yes equal magnitude of induced current attract each other and current will repel each other always see her will be the only correct option

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