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Class 12






Wave On String


Two waves travelling in opposi...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : (a) When the two waves are summed. The result is a standing wave whose mathematical representation is given by Equation, with `A = 4.0 cm` and `k = 3.0 rad//cm,` <br> `y = (2A sin kx)cos omegat = [(8.0 cm) sin 3.0 X] cos 2.0 t` <br> Thus, the maximum displacement of a particel at the position `x = 2.3 cm` is <br> `y_(max) = [(8.0 cm) sin 3.0x]_(x = 2.3 cm)` <br> `= (8.0 m) sin (6.9 rad) = 4.6 cm` <br> (b) Because `k = 2pi//lambda = 3.0 rad//cm`, we see that `lambda = 2pi//3cm`. Therefore, the antinodes are located at <br> `x = n((pi)/(6.0)) cm (n = 1, 3, 5, ........)` <br> and the nodes are located at <br> `x = n(lambda)/(2-)((pi)/(3.0)) cm (n = 1, 2, 3, .........)`

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travelling in opposite direction produce a standing wave the individual wave function are given by Y 1 equal to 4 sin 3 - 2B and Y2 = 24 sin 3x + 2 tcm where X and Y epos given in sunao we have given by 1 equal to sin x minus b and Y2 is given 4 sin x + 2 now by superposition principle we can say

Y is equal to Y 1 + Y2 now just putting the values of Y1 and by doing this equation we have eggs - 2T + sin b equal to four comes out as a common it will be seen that will be converted into trigonometry formula 28 sin x into cos

the value for why will be equal to a cost that team there will be equal to its time now it is given that you were travelling in opposite direction produce a standing wave we can say from here when the value of X equal to 2.3 cm equal to sign into 2.3

x call that will be equal to 4.63 then why maximum equal to 4.63 that is cos maximum equal to 1 then the value of cos maximum will become one and it will be 63 right now we can seat not not intensity I will be equal to zero

ise equal to a square from where we can save it sin 3x square equal to zero that comes out to be equal to zero and that comes out to be the X equal to 0 for any value of you and and so on value for eggs will be equal to zero and B 33 and so on at antinode between between two nodes in our standing wave is equal to

bye bye 6552 all 5 by 6 that will be the answer for the given question

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