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Two waves are represented by the equations
y1=asin(ωt+kx+0.57)m and
where x is in metres and t is in seconds. The phase difference between them is


লিখিত জবাব

1.0 radian
1.25 radian
1.57 radian
0.57 radian
The correct Answer is A
Phase, ϕ2=ωt+kx+π2
Phase difference,Δϕ=ϕ2ϕ1
=π20.57=1.570.57=1 radian


hello students the question Tu are presented by the equation y 1 equal to a Sin Omega T + kx + 0.57 and white equal to cos Omega T + TX X is in metre the phase difference between them is what that is have to find the phase difference between a and b Lakshya film no Y1 equal to
a Sin Omega T + 3 + 0.57 l as we know this storm is called 6851 we can say that 5 is Omega T + kx + 0.57 Y2 given as a cause of Omega T + I have to find this term 51 and this term is the fight to the same so that we can find out phase difference if there is sin there should also be sign or if there is caused there should also
cause we can change one of the two idhar Y1 aur white Y2 we can write cause of theta as we know cause of theta is equal to sin theta + fibre to write we can write it as a Sin Omega T + kx + 5 this Thomas fight to so phase difference 52 - 51 right that 52 - 51 is what 52 Ghati + + 5.2
minus Omega T + PX + 0.57 subtracting the two terms we get bye-bye to -0.75 3.13.1 42 1.57 -0.5 780 come 1.00 and unit of phase differences rating option one is correct we can say that option one is correct


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