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Class 12






Electrical Measuring Instruments


Two voltmeters and two resista...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`V_(1)` increases`V_(1)` decreases`V_(2)` increases`V_(2)` decreases

Answer : B::C
Solution : When switch `S` is open, `R_(1)` and `R_(2)` are short-circuited. `E` wil be <br> divided between `V_(1)` and `V_(2)` only. After closing the switch, `V_(1)`, <br> `R_(1)`, and `R_(2)` will be in parallel. Their effective resistance wil be less than the resistance of `V_(1)`. Hence, potential difference across `V_(2)` decreases and so across `V` increases.

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hello students our question is to voltmeter and two resistances are connected as shown in figure on closing the switch as what will be the effect on the readings of the solution for this will be when switch S is open switch S F open ok so R1 and R2 are short circuited are short circuited which means he will be divided divided between V1 and V2 only V1

and V2 only ok so if we talk about when switch S is closed switch S is closed Tu Abhi trivalent diagram it will be like this let's say this is point a basis point B this is point a this is point B and disappointed so between a and b between a be between A and B there is one resistance and between B and C there is one resistance

ok so this is connected to a battery and voltmeter is also so if we see that our one is in parallel with or to ok which means effective resistance will be less with me effective resistance will be less than the Les xender the resistance of V1 B1 ok

with which means that implies potential difference difference across Vivian in decreasing Vivian decreases and across 32 increases ok ABCD option so Vivian is decreasing and width in prelims option second and option third is correct

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