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Class 12






Basic Mathematics & Vectors


Two vectors having equal magni...

Two vectors having equal magnitude of 5 units, have an angle of `60^(@)` between them. Find the magnitude of their resultant vector and its angle from one of the vectors. <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Answer : `30^(@)`
Solution : `a=5" unit "andtheta=60^(@)` <br> `R=sqrt(a^(2)+a^(2)+2a.acos60^(@))=asqrt(3)=5sqrt(3)` unit <br> `tanalpha=(asin60^(@))/(a+acos60^(@))=((sqrt(3))/(2))/((3)/(2))=(1)/(sqrt(3))=tan30^(@) therefore alpha=30^(@)` <br> <img src="" width="80%">


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hello 12 vector having equal magnitude 5 unit angle 60 degree between them find the magnitude of their resultant vector and its angle from one of the factor-alpha the two equal laptop having equal magnitude of a vector and b vector as a two vector so if the magnitude of the two is equal then the resultant will lie at the angle bisector if you see this angle it will be 60 by to 30 degree and if you see this angle it will be also 6230 degree you can also get it by using the formula it you will write down the turn off Alpha it will be equals to a 1

if you see it will be find in division you can write down A2 + 1 Cos 60 from here also you will get the same physical A1 and A2 are equal that is 5 unit you can cancel out this 782 from the expression and it will be root 3 by 2 and in division it will be 2 + 30 it is this is 30 degree if I talk about the resultant twinkies with the two vector have equal magnitude rate then if you solve this expression of magnitude calculation of the resultant

vector tourist places in A1 and A2 are in the value of equals to 8 = 20 then if you solve this will get it is equals to 2 minut cos theta by 2 equal to 2 into 5 into cos theta by 2 is cos 30 degree that is root 3 by 2 into 2 into 5 into root 3 by 2 status 5 root 3 and this is the answer of this resultant and this is this is the end Temple

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