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Two uniformly charged solid sp...

Two uniformly charged solid spheres are such that `E_1` is electric field at surface of `1^(st)` sphere due to itself. `E_2` is electric field at surface of `2^(nd)` sphere due to itself. `r_1, r_2` are radius of `1^(st)` and `2^(nd)` sphere respectively. If `E_1/E_2=r_1/r_2` then ratio of potential at the surface of spheres `1^(st)` and `2^(nd)` due to their self charges is :


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B
Solution : NA


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hello everyone welcome to the video song today's question is to uniformly charged solid sphere are such that even is a electric field at surface first surface of their due to itself it was the electric field at surface second year due to itself R1 and R2 are radius of first and second year if given by a 2 is equals to 1 by 2 then the ratio of potential at the surface of spheres 1 and second due to their self charges is so in this question it is given that there are two spheres whose radius R1 and the radius of second sphere is our to each having electric field E1 and E2 due to duty charges on itself ok so in this question we have to find the ratio of potential due to each each sphere ok so basically in this question is

give that even upon 2 is equals to R1 and R2 ok or ok so moving forward let us see what is the formula for electric field it is given as ke Kyon upon R square where Q is the total charge present on the sphere and R is the radius of the sphere and K is the electric constant ok so also we can we should know that the potential for potential it is given that kq upon are so from here from the formula of electric field I can write kq by our into one buyer is it ok and this item will be replaced by potential so from here we can write is equals to B B R aur week wise 2 into a clear so for latest for first year for

1st year we can write V1 equals to even Urban and for S fear V2 equals to 2 hour to so where to find the ratio of V1 V2 so from here therefore we won by v 2 is equals to 1 by 2 or 2 as it is mentioned in the question even by 2 is equals to 1 by 2 so here I can write are one upon two whole square because even B will be R1 bhatu so the ratio of even by V2 is given by our 1 upon 2 whole square Swarg correct option will be option number with that is urban Apna to whole square