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Class 12






Simple Harmonic Motion


Two springs, of spring constan...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : D
Solution : `(1)/(2)mv^(2) = (1)/(2)K_(1)x_(1)^(2)` <br> `(1)/(2)mv^(2) = (1)/(2)K_(2)x_(2)^(2)` <br> `K_(1)x_(1)^(2) = K_(2)x_(2)^(2)` <br> `(x_(1))/(x_(2)) = sqrt((K_(2))/(K_(1))`

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even if we talk about this question this given question is two springs of spring constant K1 and K2 have equal highest velocity when executing simple harmonic motion then the ratio of their amplitudes given that their masses are in the ratio 1 is to 2 will be we know that maximum kinetic energy maximum velocity is attended when the kinetic energy which is given by half M Vmax whole square this must be equal to Total energy which is given by half ke a square OK where is the amplitude of first now this this one is for the first love similarly since the maximum speed of the second is also seeing this is Mars One and this is March 22 this is Vmax whole square kinetic energy and for that the should be equals to Total energy which is given by Harf ki 28 square now we are given in the question that I'm one by M2 is nothing but one by two and we have to find out the ratio of their amplitude

even / to locate the thing is question mark for this but I will be doing I will be simply providing both the equations so on the left inside this half of and Vmax whole square will cancel out and overall I will be getting M1 by M2 equals to on left hand side I will be getting 31 even square divided by 3282 square ok now since we know that I am one by two is one by two this is one by two on the left hand side on right inside this is ci181 square divided by 3282 square ok so from here I will be getting a one square divided by 8 square = 23 22 times now if I take root both sides then I will be getting even by a to which is the required ratio of amplitude and this is equals to root 2 divided by root 2 given this is the correct ratio from the given options the correct option is correct

32 / even so this option is not correct and we have to do it this is kick 2 / to Keval to last option is correct and trust all options are incorrect I will be understood thank you

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