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Two sources of sound moving wi...

Two sources of sound moving with same speed v and emitting frequency of 1400 Hz are moving such that one source `s_1` is moving towards the observer and `s_2` is moving away from observer. If observer hears beat frequency of 2 Hz. Then find the speed of source. Given `v_(sound) gt gt v_(source)` and `v_(sound) = 350m/s`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution


Answer : B
Solution : NA


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1401 source is moving movie away from the given velocity of the sound is much greater than that of the ok this is this is a 481 this is a moving what is movie away from the observed in the question is equal to 300 metre per second and the value of one having the velocity v and

having the velocity then beat frequency beat frequency Vitamin C is equal to mode of F1 - the value of Type 1 the value of k is equal to its not the upon the value of F2 F2 is equal to 1 upon tecno in2 upon 3 + B then with frequency can be returned and Beat frequency can be written as app not upon 3 minus b minus C P + b equal to 2 in this question beat frequency is given to

put the value of f not equal to 1400 given in this question 250-350 metre per second 150 upon 350 + b and b is equal to 2 and when we solve then we get B1 bike metre per second ok this is the velocity ok this is the right option of this question then option option b b is the right answer

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