Two soap bubbles of radii 2 cm and 3 cm are brought in contact. Find the radius of curvature (in cm) of the contact surface.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :


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hello everyone in this problem it is said that two soap bubbles of radius 2 cm and 10 cm are boat brought in contact find the radius of curvature of the contact surface so here are basically we have to bus which which have 2 cm and 3 cm radius so we are bringing bringing their them together and to form a resultant bubble single bubble so it look like to be like this year and one of them we can see that one of them has smaller radius so let's say that bubble this bubble has to cm and the bigger bubble it has a radius so here in solution the resultant radius of the bubble that can be written as

that is radius of small - radius of that is bigger so we have to just put here their corresponding value so here is smaller value 52 cm and bigger has 3 cm so in this way if we solve this problem we will get hour is equal to 6 CM so this will be the radius of the resultant bubble so this will be our final answer of this given problem thank you

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