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Two sinusoidal waves are superposed. Their equations are
the equation of their resultant is


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y2=Asin(kxωtπ6) The equation of resultant wave is
The correct Answer is B


hello friends the problem is to sinusoidal waves are superposed the equations are why 1 is equal to a sin x minus Omega T + 5 by 6 and b is equal to a sin x minus minus 5 by 6 the equation of the resultant is ok we have to find the resultant and we how do we find that resultant is equal to Y 1 + Y2 ok Navya just simply adding them know why are becomes a sin a sin square A minus Omega T + 5 by 6 + Sin A minus Omega T minus 5 by ok now if we assume x minus Omega T as a dash and 56 has Bidaai so substituting the
values we will be getting by substituting well as we will be getting why are equal to a taking a common we will be getting sin a + b + sin a minus b De ok now we know that we know that Sin A + B sin a + b is equal to sin a cos b + cos a sin b ok and if there is a minus sign in between A and B so - I will repair near ok to using the identity we will write the equation Y is equal to a sin a cos b + cos a sin
Bade ok for this also be right that sin a cos b minus cos a sin b De ok this caused a sin b dash will cancel this corset dress and B day and we will be getting why are equal to 2 a sin cos cos beta ok sorry get me that it could be De ok putting the value of a dash and dash back we will be getting Y is equal to Y is equal to 2 a prime x minus 5 by ok sunao the value of Cos pi by 6 under root 3 upon 2 ok
will be putting that Cos pi by 6 under root 3 upon 2 minus and getting 103 time - A resultant action thriller correct option ok option to 103 sin x minus Omega 3 ok thank you for watching


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