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Electrostatic Potential And Capacitance


Two short dipoles, each of dip...

Two short dipoles, each of diple moment p , are placed at origin. The dipole moment of one dipole is along x-axis, while that of other is along y-axis . The electric field at a point (a,0) is given by


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`((1)/( 4pi epsilon_(0))) (2p)/(a^(3))``((1)/( 4pi epsilon_(0))) (p)/(a^(3))``((1)/( 4pi epsilon_(0))) (sqrt(5)p)/(a^(3))`Zero

Answer : 3


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question is too short dipole of dipole moment P is placed at origin the type of movement of 1 by 4 is along the x-axis while that of the other is along y-axis the electric field at a point 1 or 0 if given by so we can see your suppose there are two dipoles placed along let se one along the other dipole is placed along the y axis to these are power to typos in the first case we have dipole moment along the x axis and in the case we have the movement along the let's say we can say as y-axis is dipole moment even as it now your at point a to point a comma zero is lying along the x-axis so at this point 1 0 the net electric field is being asked to be no you the

component of electric field due to a short time is given as to get you into cos theta and sure that set the initial component of electric field as we know is given out to bkp divided by 2 into we have here as sin theta in sport let se type full lying along the x-axis this point we will be the point point will be really so we can say you the electric field due to this type of lying along x-axis you will be along the open YouTube we can say yes to K P Y are groups is cos 0 becomes 1 and 500 to do this is to KP / R cube vacancy of due to this type of movement Pita lying along the y axis we can say your this point P is our let se

position in equatorial position we can say your electric field will be empty parallel to the dipole moment that is alone minus y axis and sin square theta cos 90 will be zero and 591 so we can say you this comes out to be our basic EP / we have you are too so I would cases will be equal to the net electric field at this position will be given by electric field at point P is equal to we can share to kpd to tpty did we have 2 - 2 J cap this is the electric field at this point as

conserve to be common square root of this is to square + Y square this comes to be root end of file into ke in topi / we have the electric field comes to be a long lesson 4th quadrant along with direction so we can see here this can be expressed as 1 upon 4 5 note into we can say this is equal to 5 PC / we have your IQ option we can see your number 31 4575 PDF