Two SHM are represented by equations x1=4sin(ωt+37°) and x2=5cos(ωt). The phase difference between them is


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hello student so the question is to SHM are represented by the equation X 1 equals to 4 Sin Omega T + 37 degree and 45 cos Omega T the phase difference between them is this question first to understand what is phase difference princes represented by identifying and it is the difference in the face of two particles executing SHM to hear the equation of first particle is written x = 2 Sin Omega T + 37 degree indicate that's hair 51 is Omega T + 37 degree and the second equation is written here x
5 cos Omega T convert into sin and write it as 5 sin 90 degree + cos Omega T sin 90 + theta cos theta find here Delta Phi that is a phase difference here 52 is this fight will be equal to omega t + 90 degree 2 - 51 on putting the value where we get Omega T + 90 degree minus Omega T - 37 degree that comes out to be 50 degree that is the phase difference which means that the correct option of this question is option 1 thank you

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