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Jee Mains 2020


Two resistor 400 Omega and...

Two resistor ` 400 Omega` and ` 800 Omega` connected in series across a 6 V battery . Reading of Voltmeter of `10 k Omega` across ` 400 Omega` resistor is close to :

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

2V1.95V1.8 V2.05V


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hello I want to resistor of 400 and 100 are connected in series with 6 volt battery reading of V M I have to calculate if the voltmeter is given here across this 400 safe you see there are two resistances one of 400 ohm and other another of 800 so these two are connected through a battery of 648 now you have to calculate the reading of the voltmeter and it is given that the the resistance of this V MI 10000 very simple so if you calculate the equivalent resistance of

these 410 thousand there is a light are requirement is equals to I will apply this I want to buy R1 plus tatoo so if you put the values of an hour to switch will be 400 into 10 to the power 5 in division I will light 10400 oneplus 8 1 not 400 please calculate the current first and potential drop between A and B will be simply the current times of this are equal and that were calculated here it is equals to current into are equivalent to calculate this current to calculate the current you have to calculate the net resistance of the circuit

write the net resistance that would be 4 into it will be 10 to the power if you cancel out this two zeros then you will get 10 to the power 4 by were not 4 + 800 so this will be the net resistance for you can calculate is net resistance it is equals to 38 4.6 plus 800 its water calculation you will get the net resistance of the circuit as I will write a net is equals to 118 4.6 calculate the potential drop between points A and B are already we have seen that the potential of between a and b is this weekend is put the value of equivalent and I so I will write the eye is 6 volt

is total resistance is 118 4.6 is the current let's put the values to be a b equals to into 8 equal and so I is 6 upon 118 4.6 into are equivalent if you see here are equality already calculated is this 38 4.6 what will multiply 38 4.6 visitors will get that we a b is equals to 1.95 V to the reading of voltmeter will be 1.95 V now you could check the options if you see second option is the correct one thank you

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