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Electrostatic Potential And Capacitors


Two plates are 2cm apart, a po...

Two plates are `2cm` apart, a potential difference of `10` volt is applied between them, the electric field between the plates is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`20 "NC"^(-1)``500 "NC"^(-1)``5 "NC"^(-1)``250 "NC"^(-1)`h

Answer : B


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hello nivaant two plates are 2 cm apart a potential difference of 10 volt is applied between them electric field between the plates between the states will be uniform and if the potential drop across their them is this so I will write the electric field into distance between equals to potential drop across them know that as we move in a uniform electric field the potential decreases so potential drop theory is given it is 10 board so if I talk about the so this is negative draw potential so I will write this week is caused to be baydi so we hear is potential of the stand and distance between them is to have a right to buy 100 the distance

Dubai hundred metre so from here you can see the electric field is 2002 that is 500 nota palakala and thus will be the this question Sobi is the correct answer thank you