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Two particles of de-broglie wa...

Two particles of de-broglie wavelength `lamda_(x)` and `lamda_(y)` are moving in opposite direction. Find debroglie wavelength after perfectly inelastic collision:

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A


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hello everyone it's not a question of de Broglie wavelength Lambda apps and Lambda by our movie opposite direction finder Broglie wavelength after perfectly inelastic collision in order to solve momentum of a particle having de Broglie wavelength Momentum momentum of particle having the probability land where is constant Planck's Constant now in case of inelastic Collision inelastic perfectly inelastic collision after collision the particles

after collagen the particles will will travel with same with a wavelength same wavelength ok suppose there is a particle which is article having wavelength Lambda Max another particle which is which has a de Broglie wavelength Lambda by and these are moving in opposite direction that is towards Each Other ok so when they will collide and both will collide they will move

the same wavelength in a particular direction ok so if you apply the conservation of momentum in right applying conservation of momentum we can write for a particle is right age by both are moving in opposite direction so if you're taking this one is less than we have to take this one as my Bhai Lambda ok so this will be equal to hyd11 da after the collision

will move with the same wavelength so if you take Kiya h common it will be won by Lambda act and hear it will be won by laptop by we can write here h y Lambda where we can see that h&h mother can send out any please solve for one by Lambda it will be equal to it will be equal to jamda X into Ahmedabad and near Ahmedabad - Lambda X2 yaar we we can say that lamda lamda X into Lambda by /

Ahmedabad i i m bi - Lambda X ok now never see that in the bottom part we are difference that is why Lambda Lambda X and Y have assumed that we have assumed that the particle is moving in the direction and particle P is moving in this article and we have taken lamda lamda Axe and the celeb I suppose we take lemon device Ahmedabad inside and outside then again the quantity here will come Lambda x minus Lambda super that we can write that we can write them directly into Lambda by /

Mr X virus Lambda wife both cases will get the Lambda ok so because this is the difference only and way to make the sign positive so we can we can do one thing we can write lambi equal to X into Ahmedabad / Mod lamda lamda ok it on a defence that investors and get a negative difference will be always the same only sandwiches so if you apply the mode will become positive and will get the right answer so if you see the option

option the correct answer so we can write correct answer is correct answer is equal to hack into Lambda Y / mode Lambda X and Lambda thank you


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