Two particles `A` and `B` of equal mass `m` are attached by a string of length `2l` and initially placed over a smooth horizontal table in the positoin shown in fig. particle `B` is projected across the table with speed `u` perpendicular to `AB` as shown in the figure. find the velocities of each particle after the string becomes taut and the magnitude of the impulse tension. <br><img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/BMS_VOL2_C01_S01_036_Q01.png" width="80%">

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`(usqrt3)/(4)``usqrt3``(u sqrt3)/(2)``(u)/(2)`


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Pawan two particles A and B of mass M attached by a string of length 2L initially they are placed over a smooth table in the position shown in the figure is projected across the table with velocity with speed u perpendicular to ab and shown in the figure find the velocity is of each particle when the string become taught so magnitude of the Impulse of the tension if you see these are the particle and when the with the string will become taught like this to the particle will be placed here and the string will be like this the length of the string is too well and this length is so you can see the sandal will be

if you draw perpendicular hair so you can see from right angle triangle this angle will be 60 degree if you write cos theta is equals to 12 so it will be close to half cos theta is half when the angle is 60 degree now if you see the particle moving the save before the action of pimples in in this direction with velocity V in the both will apply the impulse in the direction so because of the tension impulse will be and so if you see the be particle so the be particle will be having two component of velocity one along the string and other one is perpendicular to the angle of 60 degree with the vertical direction

and this is this angle is 60 degree angle will also be 60D component of velocity perpendicular to the thing will remain as it is with me but this will be because this will experience experience the impulse because of the tension this will be you by 2 root 3 by 2 before the collision shipped in a question find the velocities of each particle when the string become taught so let us find out the velocity of a and b now so if you see this will remain with be as it is this want change only this company and will change and this is a Shoaib Evil

experience or impulse in along the string and we will also experience the impulse along the string but the direction of pimples on both of them will be equal and opposite so it will be acted by TT antedated if I take this direction as possible so I will write theta is equals to left after the collision the a have velocity this and since it is acted by minus 3 equal to final Momentum - initial Momentum is of finally it will have the same velocity as that of a along the sitting because they both are attached to a string so long as think they will be having same velocity is in the string is inextensible

equation to equation one so I will write equation one is equals to negative of the equation to 3 by 2 this this and will get cancelled out and you will get it to V A is equals to I am from here you will need to be a the velocity of a will with us and if you talk about the velocity of 20 velocity of we will be having you why to in a direction perpendicular and the same velocity as that of a in the along the spring batch for the calculate the velocity of it is

you by two whole square + root 3 by 4 you whole square and root night will be used square by 4 + 3 by 16 square under root now it is 416 it is 316 sweet will be status under root of 7 by 4 so if it talk about the velocity of a it is root 3 by 4 and velocity of a b root 7 by 4 you can check for the option root 3 by 4 velocity of a is correct and here I will light so this will be the correct option hair simple thank you

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