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Two particles A and B are proj...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`30^(@)``60^(@)`Both (a) and (b)`45^(@)`

Answer : A
Solution : Their horizontal components should be same. <br> `:. (2v)/(sqrt(3)) cos theta = v` or `theta = 30^(@)`


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hello students the question is two particles A and B are projected simultaneously from a fixed point of the ground ok another particle is projected on a smooth horizontal surface with a speed of V12 the practical b is projected in array with a speed of me where the vs to weave and the root of 3 ok now in the particle be his to the particle a then the angle of projection of be with the vertical this question what is stated here let me the solution that particles are projected simultaneously the particle a which is projected in horizontal plane with the velocity of at the same time the particle be projected at some angle net that angle to be a cheater ok and hear the consideration that we have to do is

the particle we will hate the particle a at the ground that they hear the particle be hitting the particle a ok know if you see through the particle be here cover the projectile motion while for particle a the motion will be only horizontal plane that ke if the particle be doing the project animation so it will have the two components of motion that is one will be horizontal one will be vertical or horizontal component let's play as we dash cause of theta then vertical component will be we dash sign of data show the distance of the displacement covered by a is something this let this is to be

as equidistant to the same displacement is covered by BR sohkhia I can say that the displacement covered by a all the displacement covered by b r the same day that that is meant by the will be is equal to displacement by a hence the particle displacement in horizontal direction will be given as we dash cause of teeth which into it will be equals to the displacement of particle a in horizontal direction that is vvt from cancer now the value of B dash is given to us that is speed of the two wheeler under sweet wife I will put is it will become to be divided by under root 3 cos theta will be is equals to from here we will get

cancer I will get cause of data will be equal to under root 3 divided by 2 theta will be coming request for which value the cost is under that is 30 the angle which we got here 30 degree now if we say this is the answer that is 30 degree what is an indication of the particle particle the angle of projection of P with the vertical OK what is asked here with the vertical here we have found it wasn't to find the angle of projection with vertical what I need to adjust need to subtract is 30 degree angle from this 19 so that I will get this thing that is angle of projection with Vertical angle of projection

with vertical will be equals to 9030 that is equal to 60 degree and this is what my required answer here if I will try to match with the option 2 option number plate and will be right answer for this question ok thank you

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