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Two nuclei have their mass numbers in the ratio of 1:3. The ratio of their nuclear densities would be


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The correct Answer is b
Their radii will be in the ratio
Their nuclear densities will be the same .


two nuclei have mass number in the ratio of 1 is to 3 then the ratio of their nuclear densities will be here we can consider any nuclear having let's take a number as a and atomic number as if we listen consider its density so that even need to find the volume of its mark so here we can say it consists of Z and Z of leads a neutron sweet letter write its radius its radius is written as are not into cube root of a number or not is 1.1 into 10 power minus 15 m and a is the mass number next year if we write the volume cyst the nucleus is a sphere so its volume will be written as
435 RQ this because 4135 into are not cube into cube root of a into kyu becomes so this is now if we write its mass - time and distance mass of proton and neutron 8 equal therefore this becomes Z + A minus into minus of cancel this becomes a into mass of proton now if you write the density so that city here is written as much phone volume which is equal to a mass of proton divided by 35 into our into cancels out now putting the value of
tone as 1.67 into 10 power minus 2017 divided we can say this is 413521 point on simplification this comes at 2.29 approximately we can say this is song calculation this comes as 3 into 10 power we can say here 17 kg per M3 which is a constant so here we can say for any the density is a constant that is it is independent of the mass number so what two nuclei have mass number in the ratio 1 is to 3 intensity will be seen and we can say density remains that is if let's say there is a nuclear war support
having let se mass number as and other nuclei having let se of cube having a number of lets it three times is put nuclear density will be same since this density is a constant it is independent of mass number of atomic number hence we can option number to that is ratio of their densities will be one is 216 board densities are same structure number 2 is the correct answer


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