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Class 12






Ray Optics And Wave Optics


Two mirrors are placed at righ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B

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hello student today our question if two Mirrors are placed at right angle to each other a man standing between them coming is a how many image he will see how many images will see 23140 so we have for option is given as we have to find the number of images here so the solution of this question is firstly we can draw the to Mirror here so letters one mirror is vertically and one is urgently so this is our mirror here and it is given to us in the condition is there at 90 degree so this is a 90-degree angle between them and a man is standing between them between these two Mera and camping is here so we have the theatre is 90 degree and we know that and

let number of images from let number of images formed is equal to and so we have the formula for finding the end that is theta / that is 360 / this is the formula for finding the images -1 if you put that it theatre 90 here so we get number of images as 360 - so we have the UN is number of images is it will cancel out at 4 so this is for -1 so number of images formed is 3 here and this is our answer this question so that if we come between at angle at angle 90 so we will see the

free images Hare Sona we check which option is correct option B is correct thank you

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