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Class 12






Dynamics Of A Particle


Two masses m_1=5kg and m_2=4.8...

Two masses `m_1=5kg` and `m_2=4.8kg` tied to a string are hanging over a light frictionless pulley. What is the acceleration of the masses when left free to move? <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`5 m//s^(2)``9.8 m//s^(2)``0.2 m//s^(2)``4.8 m//s^(2)`

Answer : C
Solution : `a = (m_(1) - m_(2))/(m_(1) + m_(2)) g = ((5 - 4.8)/(5 + 4.8)) 9.8 = 0.2 m//s^(2)`


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Pallu students are vacant seats question the questions are that ma sem 1 of 5 kg is and mass M2 of 4.8 kg are tied to a string hanging over a light frictionless Pulley ok so Puli has basically no forces acting on it ok what is the acceleration of the masses When left free to move kis we need to find the acceleration of masses M1 and M2 ok so basically firstly we see the forces on and one that is this will be tension force and this will be MG ok and on this also m10s right ok m1g and basically on this also there will be forces that is m2g and basically there is a tension force ok so if you see properly tension force is same ok and tension force doesn't really matter matter where you are because they basically over here what we have to do

is the acceleration basically have to use the formula of acceleration acceleration piyava formula for acceleration that is supporting 46 - opposing forces acceleration equals to supporting forces - opposing forces / mass ok basically this is mask ok so what is basically it will be basically equal to over which power is smaller so I am 2GB basically so what will write supporting forces basically equal to supporting forces will be equal to m1g which is 5 into 9.8 physically 9.8 we are gonna take over here or we can take 10 only no problem so we're gonna take

10m in 2G basically supporting forces - opposing forces physically 4.8 x 10 / mass what is basically mass masses over here pipe plus 4.8 ok this is basically the mass of the thing that is mass of these and this both means added to what we have over your basically will have 50 over 50 - 48 divided by 9.8 so basically what we have lastly I will han Vahi Ho value of 98 / basically not 98 will have to subtract it will have to divided by 9.8 ok so we will come after calculation will get this to buy 9.8 will be equal to 0.2 metre per second square ok 0.2 metre per second square got its vah answer will be

option number Si ok this is basically answer ok thank you

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