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Two masses each with mass 0.10...

Two masses each with mass 0.10kg are moving with velocities 3m/s along x axis and 5m/s along y-axis respectively. After an elastic collision one of the mass moves with a velocity `4 hati+4 hatj` . The energy of other mass after collision is `x/10` then x is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone two masses each with mass 4.1 kg are moving with velocity 3 metre per second along x-axis and 5 metre per second respectively after elastic collision one of the mass movie with velocity 4i cap + 4 j cap then you have to find out the energy of other marks will be what now this is a collision so inelastic collision I will say the initial kinetic energy remains equals to the final kinetic energy simple so if I write the kinetic energy of the first particle I will write since the masses are saying I will write

plus half mv2 square equals to half mv1 dash square + mv2 dashsquare now we know the value of mass and we know the value of V1 V2 and dash and we want this just put the values of mv2 equals to 1 square + 2 square minus half mv1 Ta square if I take I am common I will write a letter to his Quest to be one square + b square

Vivian dash square now just put the value of V1 V2 and dash and if you see in the above that mass is a = 2.3 metre per second and V2 is 5 metre per second the velocity is you can see root 2 metre per second square the values mass is 4.1 and the V1 via Leti we can see three and five I will write three a square + b square if I talk about the vevan dash square that will be four square + 4 square so this will be the kinetic energy of the Other particles Wi-Fi 8.1 this will v9 plus 25 it will be 16 + 6

that will be 32 frequency it is 34 - 32 that is too so you will get point 1 as the kinetic energy of the particle simple and we have to say what is the value of x so we already calculate the energy of the Other particle is 2.1 juice so you can see this is equals to x b n you can get the value of x = 21 this thank you

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